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Pontiac Firebird and Produced in Karawang, Make Price Honda HR-V Affordable

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Honda HR-V was introduced to the public Motherland at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014, is the first Crossover model of Honda in Indonesia, which will be produced in the factory of PT Honda Prospect Motor, Karawang, West Java at the end of December 2014. pontiac firebird 2015 and "Because produced here , then the price is very competitive, even practically affordable for consumers who will have the Crossover Utility Vehicle of this, "said Jonfis Fandy, Marketing & Aftersales Service Announcements HPM after the official price of Honda HR-V in the mall Kasablanka City, Saturday, December 6th 2014.Jika compared with the price ever posted at the IIMs, Honda HR-V only increased Rp 3 million for the lowest type and rose Rp 5 million for Prestige-type 1.8L.

Abundant technology and modern features, Honda HR-V is offered in four variants with the price of each: type 1.5LAM / T sold USD 243 million, 1.5LSM / T USD 257 million, USD 267 million 1.5LS CVT and CVT 1.5LE CVT USD 288 million, as well as the 1.8L CVT Prestige cost Rp 355 million. Prices on the road in Jakarta, and the estimated first-year car BBN 2014.Honda HR-V is a model of Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) first Honda in Indonesia, which comes with the concept of "The Daring Achiever", designed for personal adventurous and dare to face challenges without but still maintaining a stylish appearance.

This price Newest MPV All-New Honda Step WGN 2015!
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MPV family car segment in the Japanese domestic market began to show a warming signal. Because the champion manufacturer, Honda, just off one of its newest hero in a class that is not getting the receding popularity.

Consumers in the State Sakura can propose one unit All-new Honda Step WGN 2015 with the official start of the kalu dirupiahkan 2.288 million yen at the exchange rate as at 04.24 approximately USD 248.1 million.

With these prices, the candidate of the owner of the car could bring home MPV bodied Bongsor. Prominent display large grille in the front-end area flanked by a conventional headlight also adds to the luxurious atmosphere that anti bored.

Plus there is an interesting feature called 'Waku-Waku Gate' that fills the car's tailgate mechanism. Eccentric devices that do not have a competitor allows the rear doors to be opened in two ways, as a tailgate with opening upwards or sideways like a regular door.

Impulse strength could not be underestimated. Reinforced by VTEC engine turbo 4-cylinder capacity of 1.5 liters, the All-new 2015 Honda Step WGN is capable of producing a maximum power up to 148 hp with peak torque eruption reaches 203 Nm.

Performance and Agility Honda HR-V 1.5L Equivalent to the HR-V 1.8L
Not to be outdone by its larger sibling engine capacity, Honda HR-V can demonstrate a powerful performance despite Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) that carries the 1.5-liter engine.

For the first CUV product, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) does offer two engine variants, namely the Honda HR-V 1.5-liter Honda HR-V 1.8-liter. Although armed with a smaller engine, but the performance and agility of HR-V 1.5 liter almost equivalent to the HR-V 1.8-liter.

This we feel when attend the Honda HR-V media test drive to Bromo, East Java, some time ago. After feeling his brother with a 1.8-liter engine, we were curious to try the HR-V 1.5 liters.

Testing starts from Bromo region. Apparently, despite carrying 1.497cc engine, is capable of devouring derivative CUV and bend steep mountainous region located in the Probolinggo district.

In fact, when down the slopes of Mount Bromo to Surabaya, our journey accompanied by heavy rain. However, thanks to all the modern technology applied to the crossover, the trip goes safely and comfortably.

In the HR-V with a capacity of 1.5 liter, Honda offers four variants, namely HR-V 1.5LAM / T, HR-V 1.5LSM / T and CVT, and HR-V E CVT.

2015 pontiac and Fresh design production version of Honda HR-V competitor!

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Step Honda Co. Ltd. presenting the latest crossover called Honda HR-V or more commonly known in Japan as the Honda Vezel, open rides increasingly fierce competition in the world of four-wheeled world.

Kia as one of the automakers that is taken into account country of origin of ginseng do not want to lose position and again presents a new series called Kia KX3.

This series is said to be one of the Kia product that adheres to the grand design of the Hyundai ix25. This can be evidenced from several devices Tigershark exterior includes headlamps and grille are slightly more narrow.

After previously known to glide on the mat auto show Ghuangzou Motor Show last November, this new model has finally revealed the original design series production in China. This is the picture so bright why Kia KX3 calculated to rival the great impact of competition in the crossover class, since the presence of Honda HR-V.

Probe about performance, Kia KX3 holding 1.6-liter engine that is coupled with the establishment of turbocharged gasoline. Especially now Kia also provides a choice of 5-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic is believed to provide a more comfortable acceleration control.

Besides supported with a variety of tools that bring the atmosphere more comfortable driving, according to the monitoring indianautosblog some time ago, in terms of safety Kia KX3 also guaranteed to have a maximum passenger protection to obtain a 5-star NCAP safety rating when tested China.

KX3 Kia is going to occupy the Kia line-up in the Chinese market which is today, this crossover segment amid commotion in the presence of Honda XR-V which is a version of Honda HR-V special Chinese market.

Pontiac and Honda SFA 150 Streetfighter Back Attract Attention

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It seems that the motor manufacturer Honda is intended to make the public's curiosity heightened. Once displayed at auto shows Homeland mat, now Honda SFA 150 will be back on display in Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015 this weekend.

Streetfighter motorcycle model is carrying the single-cylinder engine with the engine mounted on the frame trellis. Some sources even mention that Honda SFA 150 this concept carries similar 150cc engine with Honda CB150R country.

But the news has not received confirmation directly from the motor manufacturer Honda. Regardless of the issue, in fact, its design futuristic bodywork is able to attract attention among lovers of two-wheeled world.

Honda SFA 150 carries the concept of front fork with suspension up-side down, single-side swingarm and the latest trellis frame structure of steel materials.

On the mat Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015, Honda SFA 150 will be displayed side by side with the latest adventure motorcycle Honda CRF250 Rally concept.

Let Komparasikan Honda HR-V and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport!
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Two giant domestic manufacturer of cherry blossoms really trying to lure fans. Counted since the beginning released, at the time trying to master the Mitsubishi Outlander compact SUV class, at least there has been no tough competition. Until finally officially launched the Honda HR-V.

The model is not too big as an SUV, but also not exactly small when compared with the hatchback makes both cars are then targeted to consumers who enjoyed a family car with a strong sports theme.

Look how each of the self-HR-V and Outlander try to give satisfaction to the consumer. And for potential customers, maybe some comparative section between HR-V and Outlander below could be considered. (KPL / fjr)